October 4, 2022

Manga, an adorable dog, is still enthralled on the green dragon she had as a young pup.

In June 2018, Melania Hawke obtained a puppy. The dog’s future owner purchased a soft toy online in the form of a green dragon that was similar to the protagonist of the science fiction film after learning about the dog’s birth from the breeder.

This heartwarming tale of the boy’s encounter with a genuine dragon that he accidentally discovered in the woods touches everyone.

The animal made a new friend, to whom it grew loyal right away and has refused to say goodbye even as it has grown into a giant adult dog.

Melania claims to have a pet that is extremely autonomous, animated, and energetic. The dog is her go-to travel buddy while exploring the highlands. She likes taking long walks and typically tries to participate in her owner’s activities.

But when Manga is close to her dragon, she changes into a little puppy once more. Melania documented this special relationship by taking photographs with a cat and her toy from the time she was born until the present. Nothing is the same as it was before while she is around. We have such a strong connection.

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