October 4, 2022

The family breaks down in tears as the dog stops to say goodbye to its owner.

Not only people, but even animals, experience emotions when a loved one passes away. This happened in the beginning of 2018. Inia’s proprietor passed away. Inia lived with him for her whole 13-year existence, and they were close.

The man’s family phoned the hospital when he was in severe health, but by the time the paramedics came, it was too late.

They tried to revive the guy, but were unable. As they moved away from the man, Inia approached him and sat down next to him, her head nestled under his arm.

As she did every time the owner left for work, she mainly sat near the window or entryway. She was still holding out hope that he might come back.

On the day of her departure, the widow, feeling she could do no other, took her dog to the farewell ceremony.

Inia seems to have a comprehensive understanding of the issue. She posed for the owner while standing on her hind legs. After the ceremony, she went home with her family, and for the first time in ten days, she had a reasonable appetite and ate a full dinner.

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