October 4, 2022

Favorite bikini model

Favorite bikini style can reveal more about your personality

Each of us knows our own style well and knows very well the clothes that fit well, where we have flaws, the dresses that suit us best, the shoes and everything that looks good on the body
Even when it comes to bikinis, the same can be said again, everyone has their favorites. There is something to be said for the model you choose.

Whether you like the tie, triangle, bust or strap design, find your favorite and see what it means to you.

Triangle. You know that most of the time it’s good to keep things simple. You want to have fun all day at the beach and you can’t say “no” to your friends to play volleyball or play with the waves. They always give you positive feelings, so you can’t refuse them.

Your slogan “no stress” can sometimes lead you to some inappropriate situations, but the important thing for you is to feel comfortable in your skin and safe, even if you have to move a lot on the beach.

Belt. Sometimes people think that you have a higher sensitivity than others, but usually this does not always characterize you, you just want to be with them, without thinking and analyzing situations… You are known on the beach as the queen “without lines” and likes everything to be in order.

When something goes wrong, prioritize fixing it. Be more careful about managing uncomfortable situations (any small movement of your bikini) and remember that sometimes it’s better to let things happen.

Sports. It is the model that gives you more security, because the main weight is on your shoulders. This means that you are strong and confident in nature, never allowing enemies to step in your way. You’re always ready and always on the playing field at the beach, and you can even compete for prizes.

You protect your friends as if they were family members and you are very loyal. Even sometimes when things don’t go the right way and others scare you, you try to show that determination is great and comes from love for those close to you, writes Class.

Bust. Maybe you’re a little more fanatical than your friends, but you know very well what works best for your body. You’re always keen to follow trends, knowing what’s new and hot – so it’s no wonder you choose exactly the model that’s ideal for swimming.

You want to be surrounded by friends all the time because you have so many stories to tell. You are not afraid to try new things, because you always know how everything you undertake will turn out.

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