October 4, 2022

5 great reasons why you should eat spring onions every day

Young onions are very nutritious and rich in vitamins and minerals, which help prevent many diseases

It is an ideal spring vegetable, which is a good source of vitamins A, K and C, while containing a lot of phosphorus, potassium and calcium from minerals.

Due to its antibacterial properties, it protects the body from the appearance of inflammatory processes, and the large amount of sulfur in it increases appetite and improves digestion.

  1. Guard the heart

Onions are full of antioxidants that help fight free radicals that damage cells in tissues. They also contain a lot of vitamin C, which helps keep blood pressure within normal limits and thus protects against heart disease.

  1. Protect eyesight

The large amount of carotenoids in this food maintains eyesight and eye health, while the natural wraps made from spring onions soothe eye irritation and inflammation. Vitamin A, in addition to protecting against eye inflammation, also reduces the risk of retinal diseases, such as macular degeneration.

  1. Strengthen bones and immunity

Vitamins C and K in young onions protect and strengthen bones. They improve collagen production and maintain bone density. Just one onion stalk contains about 20 micrograms of vitamin K and 1.6 micrograms of vitamin C, which is 22 percent of the recommended daily allowance of these vitamins that improve bone health. Numerous studies have shown that young onions are a good source of phytochemicals, especially flavonoid compounds like quercetin and anthocyanins. These phytochemicals are natural chemicals contained in many plants that can enhance immunity.

  1. Lower cholesterol

Young onions have a large number of substances that lower bad cholesterol in the blood. Its green part is very healthy and in addition to helping lower cholesterol, it is also good for restoring high sugar to normal.

  1. Beneficial for the skin

Young onions help the body produce greater amounts of collagen and rejuvenate it. Collagen is needed for the skin to remain beautiful, so eating onions will help it to be healthy and youthful.

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