October 4, 2022

Is it possible to become allergic at any point in life?

Yes, and here are the symptoms

Allergies occur when your body detects a foreign substance, e.g. a pollen grain or dandruff of pets and activates an immune system response to fight it.

When do allergies usually develop?

Most people remember the onset of allergy symptoms at a young age. But it is possible to develop an allergy at any point in life. You may even become allergic to something you have not been allergic to before.

Some allergy symptoms are mild and can be treated with reduced exposure to the allergen or by taking medication.

Sick little boy and list of allergies symptoms and causes on grey background

Symptoms vary:

▪ allergy to plants: itching of the nose, eyes, mouth; blocked nose; red, swollen eyes.
▪ food allergy: swelling of the lips, tongue, face or throat; skin irritation, vomiting.
Inse Insect allergy: swelling at the site of the bite, itching all over the body, cough or tightness in the chest
▪ drug allergies: skin irritation, itching, redness, swelling of the face, shortness of breath.

But some symptoms are severe and life threatening, such as:

▪ dizziness
Ale abnormal swelling of the tongue or throat
. Redness or hives all over the body
▪ abdominal pain
▪ vomiting
▪ diarrhea
▪ ethe
▪ feeling of confusion
▪ loss of consciousness
▪ anaphylaxis (swelling and sore throat, shortness of breath, low blood pressure)

You should see your doctor if you have symptoms that you think are caused by an allergy.

But some symptoms are severe and life threatening

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