October 4, 2022

Water helps you burn 490 extra calories per week

We all know that drinking water can reduce appetite and help us stay longer without eating.

But this is not the only way how water can help you lose weight.

You should not drink water only when your stomach begins to hurt you an hour before dinner. You should drink water all the time.

To prove why you should drink water all the time, you have some scientific findings below.

Water Consumption helps you eat less

Apart from the fact that the water helps you stay long without eating, it also suits you more and consequently eat less during the morning, the lunch of the dinner.

According to a survey published in ‘Obesity’, people who had consumed half an hour before meals for 12 weeks had managed to lose up to two kilograms.

Water speeds up metabolism

Some water cups are like espresso for the body’s system that deals with fat burning.

According to German scientists, people who drink more water have up to 30 percent faster metabolism.

Icy water is even more powerful

According to research published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrionology and Metabolism, the consumption of cold water causes the body to burn about seven calories.

According to them, drink 10 glasses of water a day for a week, and you will have burned 490 extra calories within seven days.

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