October 4, 2022

Fall in love with the wrong person, the most ‘unfortunate’ sign of the zodiac!

It usually happens that we project onto the person we like or have fallen in love with those virtues and those values that he does not actually possess.

Somehow we always try to see the good and overlook the bad. There is one zodiac sign that has this trait more prominently and usually falls in love with the wrong person. Know what this sign is:

You want your freedom and you want to fall in love. By doing this you fall in love with someone who doesn’t necessarily need to be with you. An online relationship sounds good to you but you don’t know that you can fall very hard for someone online and this feeling can change you for the worse. This person has no feelings for you dear Sagittarius, to them you are just someone they can talk to and they like you, but do they love you? No!

During Saturn square Moon you will fall in love with someone you will never meet and who will never tell you the truth and who has little or no respect for you. You didn’t even know you had this ability to fall in love, and this story you’re trying to start doesn’t end in good news.

However, first impressions are important and there are two occasions when this cliché is particularly important, job interviews and first dates. Feedback can be stressful, especially if you feel like there is no clear feedback. How do you know if they liked you? Find out some of the signs that show he/she likes you.

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