October 4, 2022

Four kisses that you must learn!

There are some kisses that you must learn during your life, because without them you cannot function normally.

First kiss

It is the sweetest, but the most impractical. Too much tongue, too little tongue, different rhythms… Sometimes out of fear of failing, the first kiss creates trepidation which can destroy the whole moment.

Kissing in public

Kissing in public can be passionate, but at the same time “tasteful” for the eyes of others.

That is, if bystanders have the feeling that they are watching an erotic film, because they see tongues everywhere, you are making the kiss too hot.

Kissing in front of parents

In front of parents apply the minimum, not because you have to act something, but because it is just human behavior.

The millionth kiss

Of course, the one millionth kiss will not be like the first one, but you should definitely keep the habit of kissing, because kisses provide people.

If you forget to kiss, the shivers that are good to go through your stomach will be lost.

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