October 4, 2022

Generosity is an intuitive reaction

If they interpret research in a broader sense, it’s clear that people in the depths of the soul are nonetheless good.

Generosity is the first reaction when we have to make a quick decision, has shown the research published in “Scientific American”.

In the experiment the respondents were given a small amount of money and had to decide how much to invest in the mutual fund.

One group was allowed 10 seconds to make a decision, while the second group first had to wait 10 seconds, and then use another 10 seconds to make a decision.

The first group was in principle more generous, which led scientists to conclude that generosity is an intuitive human-born reaction.

But once he gains more time available, the person will begin to behave selfishly and make such decisions.

Pressure also plays a role there, so in situations when we are pushed to make an instant decision, we usually do it for the common good, sometimes to the detriment of ourselves, until decisions become more selfish as long as to have to decide.

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