October 4, 2022

Here’s why not use your phone if your screen is broken

Maybe with phones we can never be quite careful

One of the worst things that can happen to phone owners is a broken screen, but few know that if we continue to use it to avoid expensive repairs, a broken screen can seriously endanger our health.

Although it has not been conclusively ascertained, most experts consider that by using the broken screen we expose ourselves to radiation.

But that is not all.

Broken screens can also cause serious injuries, and finger scratches can cause infections – even if the crack is large and only on one part of the screen, there are still parts of the glass that can hurt you.

The same glass can fall into your pocket and kill you when you bend over.

Broken screen can also cause serious eye strain because it is much harder to read emails and messages from broken glass.

Therefore it is best to replace the screen glass, because health protection is more important than the money you spend.

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