October 4, 2022

How To Make Your Home Smell Good In Few Minutes?

Certain aroma treatments or otherwise called aromatherapy are a good way to promote health.

They help relieve pain, calm nerves, help with good sleep and can fight bad bacteria.

And although in this article we will not specifically address these types of treatments, the good aromas around are always a step towards well-being.

If you want your home to always have a fresh natural scent you can try natural perfumes.

You can prepare these yourself at home in a few minutes and enjoy them throughout the day, especially when you have been cooking for a long time.

Follow below an interesting way that helps you with cleaning the air in the premises where you stay.

1 l of water

1 orange

128 gr cranberries

1 tablespoon clove seeds

2 fresh rosemary sprigs

1 teaspoon vanilla extract


To start preparing this recipe AgroWeb.org advises you to cut the orange into thin slices and add it to a pot.

Add the red berries, clove seeds, 2 fresh rosemary sprigs and a little vanilla or cinnamon extract.

If you wish, you can add or replace other ingredients that you find at home.

For example, you can use bay leaves, cinnamon or other seasonal fruits such as apples.

Finally add approximately 1 liter of water to this mixture or until the pot is completely full.

Bring to the boil and stir occasionally for the ingredients to release their aromas.

In just a few minutes your home will be filled with fresh fruit aroma.

Let simmer over low heat until the water evaporates and you can add again.

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