October 4, 2022

Ideal drinks to lose weight

If you are always looking for the most healthy and efficient ways to get rid of excess weight, you should try some wonderful, weakening drinks.

As you know, the human body consists of 75% water that translates into body weight. An effective way to feel easier is precisely the weakening drinks that need to be consumed.

Discover in the photo gallery beverages that help your metabolism, full of vitamins and minerals.

Watermelons and Lemon Water- A slice of watermelons, three cups of lemon water and ice cubes. All skip to the fridge and finally add ice pieces.

Orange juice, lemon and grapefruit – A glass of squeezed orange juice and half a lemon and half grapefruit juice. Mix as much as you gain a homogenous mass and drink cool or ambient temperature.

Kiwi juice and spinach- Sufficient 1 kiwi, three spinach leaves, 250 ml of water and sweeteners. All switch to fridge.

Blueberries – 250 ml of cold water or skim milk and 150 gr of blueberries. Switch to the fridge and you can drink with or without ice.

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