October 4, 2022

Is it better to run faster or longer?

It is important to know that running in any form is good because it speeds up blood circulation and moves muscles.

But, as personal trainer Jessie Jones says, it’s better to combine the two, because these two types of running achieve different things, depending on what you want and your goal.

  • Fast running is better for burning fat, improving metabolism and burning more calories, but it also helps build muscle, so it is great for increasing muscle mass. – says Jessie and adds that longer running is good for improving cardiovascular health, because it stimulates blood circulation in the body.

Also, longer distances will increase lung capacity and stamina.

Coach Will Goodge, on the other hand, says neither is better.

“Fast running will create a tolerance threshold so that one day you can maintain greater speed over longer distances. But longer runs are great if you want to start with less intensity and then gradually increase speed, ”Will explains.

In any case, you can not go wrong which route you will choose and, most importantly, as experts say, is to run well and properly.

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