October 4, 2022

Signs that distinguish a narcissus

Many therapists believe that you should be careful if someone around you is a narcissist. However, what if you were that person?

Therapist Ronia Fraser described narcissism as someone who amazes you with romantic gestures before revealing his tendencies to underestimate, manipulate, and mistreat.

Do not care about other people’s feelings
If you’re really honest with yourself, are you interested in other people’s dramas and worries? Ronia said that if you do not have the time or patience to deal with someone’s concerns, you may be displaying narcissism.

She said narcissists will usually feel uncomfortable when others show their emotions and will probably withdraw or turn their attention to themselves.

You underestimate others to make you feel better
Narcissists feel power when they humiliate others in moments of uncertainty, Ronia claims. “Do you ever feel threatened, inferior, stupid, or hurt by what others say or do?” And in return, be rude and maybe use any information I know about them, against them?

Use your trauma as a tool to make others feel sorry for you
Ronia said narcissists carefully choose to use their emotional load in interpersonal relationships. He believes that narcissistic people are trying to take responsibility away from themselves and transfer it to other people. She explained: “Maybe you rely on their love and kindness to remove the pain and solve your problems.”

You are jealous of others
Ronia said it could be a sign that you are a narcissist if you are constantly jealous of other people and compare yourself to them. She said she could refer to their achievements, appearance, family and wealth.

It is also disturbing if you spend too much time wondering if people are jealous of you.

Do good things just to get praise
Doing charity work may not be what you usually think when you think of a narcissist, but it may be if there is a wrong way of thinking.

“Whether it’s your community or the internet clicks and likes, if you want to be honest with yourself, you may find that only confirmation, praise and approval are important to you, not a genuine and deep interest in the goal.”

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