October 4, 2022

The Right Thing To Do When You’re Angry

When anger strikes, the heart rate rises sharply, along with body temperature.

The way we see ourselves has a huge impact on what we feel or on our emotional state.

An angry man feels like he is going to explode because inside the anger is similar to a nuclear reactor.

But to prevent this ‘explosion’ that can get dangerous grades, it is necessary for a person to do something.

The best thing that can be done in these cases is physical activity.

How To Quench Anger Through Physical Activity?

Studies cited by AgroWeb.org say cardio exercises are the best way to quell anger and restore good mood.

According to these studies, after only 30 minutes of physical activity of medium and high intensity, the person no longer feels angry, or learns to cope and keep it under control.

Physical activity, according to experts, stimulates the secretion of serotonin, the hormone directly involved in good mood.

Experts explain that people who have a tendency to get angry quickly, should definitely engage in physical activity in order to relieve as much stress as possible and keep violent thoughts under control.

Other Benefits of Physical Activity.

According to experts, the impact of physical activity on the body is very noticeable in these 4 aspects.


Studies have shown that physical activity promotes increased levels of serotonin, dopamine and endorphins in the body.

These substances are closely related to mood and convey generally positive emotions.

Less Anxiety And Stress.

When the body is in the clutches of stress or panic, it releases cortisol. Physical activity lowers the amount of cortisol in the body, experts say.

Moreover, physical movements relax the muscles and remove the general anxiety in the body.

Best Sleep.

Regular physical activity improves and regulates the sleep cycle.

Being active helps you to be more energetic, fall asleep faster and sleep better.

Good sleep is a great need for mind and body regeneration.

You Will Feel Better.

The way we see ourselves has a huge impact on what we feel or on our emotional state.

Regular physical activity helps us invest in ourselves, improves self-confidence and values.

Achieving goals for a fitter body provides a sense of accomplishment and ability.

Being active helps us create an even more positive relationship with the image we have of our body.

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