October 4, 2022

Why should the baby lie on the belly from birth?

 Here’s how it affects motor development and with four tips, she will love that routine

Returning the baby to the womb helps him to develop muscles, so that he can continue to develop later and learn to turn and crawl.

Also, experts believe that this significantly reduces the risk of sudden infant death syndrome, because it learns to lift only the upper part of the body,

It is important for the baby to spend some time in the stomach every day. It will strengthen the muscles of the neck, shoulders, abdomen and prepare for all the next steps in development. In addition, while in the womb, the baby learns new textures, touches different materials, and takes a different perspective.

When is it time to put the baby in the womb?

You can start putting the baby back in your womb as soon as you leave the hospital. The sooner you start, the easier it will be for him to accept this as something normal for him.

Return to the stomach two or three times a day for 3-4 minutes.

When your child starts to enjoy this, you can extend that time. However, when the baby is fed, wait for about half an hour to pass and only then place it in the stomach.

How can a baby like being in the womb?

. Put the toys in front of her because she will be interested in looking at them. When it gets a little stronger, it will want to touch them as well. Choose some toys with seductive colors, from which you can hear any music and the like.

. Place the baby in front of the mirror. When she sees that other baby in the mirror, since she is not yet self-aware, she will be happy and very interested.

 Place the baby on your chest, but be sure to hold it with your hands. You are the baby’s most important person, so they will want to raise their head to see you.

. The older brother and sister can lie in front of the baby and she can’t wait to look up.

. Whatever decision you make, always try to liven up the child, but also make him safe. Never leave it alone in the womb.

And, keep an important tip in mind – no matter how important lying on your stomach, never put your baby to sleep in that position. He should always lie either on his back or on his side.

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